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If you’ve ever had thoughts of selling your home before then you’ll know that an accurate price evaluation is one of the most important things for you to have before you begin the process. However, there can be a lot of variation in pricing as there is no exact formula behind it.

Through Ellen’s 14 years experience in eastern suburbs real estate she is in a unique position to give you expert advice on pricing and trends in the local market.

Here’s what you’ll receive with your FREE market appraisal…

  • I’ll come to your home to get a better feel for it, in order to put together some accurate pricing information.
  • I’ll also provide you with the benefits and advantages you’ll receive if we were to work together.
  • You’ll also have the chance to ask me any questions you may have about selling your property, as well as sharing any ideas and preferences you may have.

From there you can make the decision to take advantage of my services. If it’s not for you, that’s fine, all I ask out of respect for my time is that you be willing to let me know of your choice. Either way, you’re going to leave with a crystal clear idea on the value of your home, as well as an action plan going forward on how to best market your property.

So please take the time to complete the form below and I look forward to talking with you shortly.

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